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Propper™ Men’s Tactical Pant
Propper™ BDU Trouser

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Propper™ Men’s Tactical Pant (11)
You demand a lot from your pants when you're on the move, and the Propper Tactical Pant delivers. Nine pockets hold everything from your smartphone to your multi-tool. Comfortablre ploy/cotton fabric hoofers durability and strength, with a DWR finish to repel stains and liquids. An action-stretch waistband adds comfort. And with their inovative "pocket in a pocket" you'll appreciate the quick access to your wallet.

Propper™ BDU Trouser (27)
The Propper BDU is the original cargo utility pant. The BDU offers and authentic military fit in a wide range of fabrics, colors and patterns.
Outerwear (7)


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